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A small talk with the well known graffiti bomber from the UK.

When and why did you start writing?

Real Young, it was normal neighbourhood stuff, everyone did it. The estate was covered in tags an shit. Wasn’t really about graff-life it was just hood shit.

How do you combine being a tattoo artist and a graffiti writer?

I didn’t intentionally combine, I just did both.

What are your main influences?

Enjoying it, I’m influenced by what I enjoy. I like to write. Always have always will.

Why do you use chrome?

The visibility and covers shit good.

Big fuck*n fills ping from a mile away even on shit surfaces.


What is your most crazy experience while painting?

Nothing illegal. Real chill spots no crazy stories ;)

What is your opinion on the UK graffiti scene?

I am the best top tier god level, I am the king of UK graffiti scene the sigma male on my grindset all the beta cuck toy writers in the UK are inferior to my greatness. I run the whole place, they ain’t a king till I say so. I am the king of kings, I’m above king, I’m emperor! I’m probably the best writer in the whole world. I don’t even need to paint anymore because I’ve completed the graffiti world. Everyone else is toy. If you disagree with me it’s because you’re a beta toy inferior teddy bear thumb sucking loser.

The UK has strict laws against vandalism and train writing, what is your opinion on that?

Be smart, take into consideration how you move, cell siting, cctv, text messages and social media is what they’ll use against you to fuck you. Mind where you keep your photos and where you sleep, any registered address or know addresses, don’t keep paint or anything graff related. Never speak to police. You don’t even have to say no comment, you have the right to stay completely silent from when they nick you. Snitches snitching is mainly how they succeed. Weak cowards fold under pressure. If you’re smart you’re cool. Be smart and think about it. FYI I am a legitimate businessman with no criminal activity.

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